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what's my problem?
here's my problem:
my problem is that i'm
too visual to be blind
too audiological to be deaf
too ideological to be in peace
too compassionate to be in war
too crazy to be sane
too sane to be lazy
too emotional to be you.
sie flattern wieder


when it started we had high hopes
now my back's on the line, my back's on the ropes
when it started we were allright
but night makes a fool of us in the daylight..
now we would die in our frustration
saying , lord lead me not into temptation!
but it's not easy when she turns you on
since they've gone...
god, only god knows i'm trying my best
but i'm just so tired of this loneliness.
verwirrt. verwirrt von mir selbst, der situation, dem gegenüber, dem leben, der musik, der nacht, verwirrt von dem gefühl

sometimes even the right is wrong
they are turning my head out
to see what i'm all about
keeping my head down
to see what it feels like now

kann ich? kann ich nicht? ich möcht so gern.

i see god come in my garden but i don't know what he said
for my heart it wasn't open
not open...

11.12.08 23:51


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